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5 Best Practices For Great Website Development – Tip 5

Posted on 16 Aug 2013 |

Tip 5: Most Websites are Online Brochureware: Develop Yours as a Client Acquisition and Lead Generation Tool

“Stop giving away all your great content for free” and develop a contact capture strategy. People now days are accustomed to giving away basic contact information to gain access to white-papers, e-books or whatever goodies you may have to offer. If you don’t have such things, then develop them. Use and install tools on your website like social media sharing, live chat, and marketing
automation software which will allow you to capture, track and convert your website visitors into clients.

This type of philosophy is up for debate, but ask yourself this question:

Would you rather draw 100 anonymous people to your website who download your free white-paper, all the while hoping they pick up the phone and call because you have no way of contacting them? Or, would you rather have 30 people who provide you their contact information, which now enables you to reach out and nurture that prospect through, email, social or other mediums?

I choose the latter because 90% of the leads you meet personally or via your website aren’t ready to buy. However, data shows that 70% will end up buying your products or services within 2 years. You gain the best advantage by identifying these leads, thereby enabling you to stay in front of them and nurture them over time. This will allow you to gain mind share and give you a much better chance for their business in the future.

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