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Why You NEED To Update Your CMS Software

Those of us who use, create, or manage websites with content management systems are sometimes annoyed when new versions are released because of the pesky update messages and the implied need to update. And although updates are generally not too difficult, they do necessitate additional time and worry as add-on plugins or custom code is verified for compatibility.

And while many people do opt to continue using their existing versions — often due to price, time, or fear of the unknown — there are two BIG reasons why an upgrade is important.


First and foremost, security is the main reason for upgrades. As time passes or languages (such as PHP or ASP) change, software may become vulnerable to malicious attackers. Or, as in the case of the recent WordPress release, a potential method for attack was discovered.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Many people who run relatively small and obscure websites doubt that they could be victim of an attack. However, given that many attacks are automated, just being on the web makes you vulnerable. That being said, some potential things that your attacker could do include:

  • deleting all content
  • defacing the site by posting questionable and offensive material
  • spamming the site with links
  • changing passwords to block you from accessing the admin area

By updating your CMS, you will have the most secure version of the software, minimizing the possibility of any hacking.

Features and Efficiency

Another great thing about upgrades is that they often contain more efficient code and features. This may help to save you time as you manage your website. But even better, the efficient code may enable your website to run faster while putting less strain on your web server and help you to minimize bandwidth. Perhaps this isn’t an issue now, but as your website grows, you will see why efficiency is extremely important.
Upgrading your website may necessitate time or money. However, it will be worth it in terms of security and efficiency. And while you may be perfectly content with the features of your current version, the new versions might have some additional features that you and your visitors will appreciate.

CMS Website Maintenance

3 Months


  • Core File Update
  • Extensions Update
  • Website Backup

6 Months


  • Core File Update
  • Extensions Update
  • Website Backup

12 Months


  • Core File Update
  • Extensions Update
  • Website Backup


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