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Rizvi Cook

Posted on 30 Nov 2013 |

Custom design of CMS online marketplace store.

The website allows visitors to select various items from various shop categories and add them too the shopping cart. The total order will be displayed and can be changed at any time before checking out. Once a buyer is happy with his order, he pays via his debt/credit card or paypal and upon successful transaction completion you will be notified of the new order pending. The orders are managed in the backend. Buyers can also log in and follow the status of their orders placed.

The following functionality will be provided for:
– User Register/login
– Multi shop functionality for store owners
– Shopping cart with add/edit/delete
– Online ZAR payment gateway
– Monthly subscription or commission on sales structure for store owners

Some of the multi store features included:
The different Shops are shown as well as categories of products displayed all the items of all the shops together on the shop page.

Users Have Their Own Shop

Users can create their own shop, and start selling their own products. It comes packed with a user account area, where your customers can track their orders, keep their products updated, add portfolio shop pictures, control finances.

The admin area offers you (as the admin) several tools to control every part of your website. Control the posted products, images, quantities, customer details, shop details, memberships, basically everything in your shop.

Your customers can add items/products to their shopping carts and purchase multiple products at a time. And they can even purchase multiple products at a time from multiple vendors in the same checkout order. After completing their shopping basket, they go to checkout and pay for their products. Private Messages Functionality

Your customers/users can exchange private messages, the buyers and sellers can communicate before the sale to ask more details about the products, or after the sale to set the shipping terms.

The most important tool is the subscription based shop, where your users have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to have a shop on your website. Another tool is taking a percent out of each sale from your vendors/sellers. Other tools are: setting up adverts around the site and charging for different advert spaces, like header, footer, side, or front page.

You can offer you customers to use their facebook accounts to login to your website, and shop as a regular registered user. You only need a free facebook application in your facebook account.

Offer many standard payment gateways: PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza, iDeal.

All actions around the website are backed up by an email notification.

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